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I have been an internet shopper for years, but this experience was by far the worst experience ever. TGW (The Golf Warehouse) pulled a bait and switch scam with their Ping putters, which they claimed to sell for substantially less than other retailers.

They claimed to run my credit card many times, yet my Diamond Master Card said they never even attempted to charge it. I called TGW 6 times to correct it and in each attempt they proved incompetent! After all of this, the audacious sales reps at TGW charged me and claimed it was now on backorder. It certainly wasn't on backorder when I placed the order over a week ago (or at least tried to).

I will never deal with TGW and I very strongly suggest against dealing with them.

I hope they're exposed for the scam(s) they're running! DO NOT BUY FROM TGW!!!

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re: order #5197357

TGW is quite a joke and has sat on my order on "in stock items" for over a week now. The Live chat is useless (not even an option?) and when I email "We Listen at Soccer Savings" I get an automated reply and NO FOLLOWUP...I even spoke with a "live" person who promised to ship out several of my items right away (expedited) which NEVER happened!


I also emailed several other addresses that were given to me only to automated replays telling me to look at the FAQ section of the website!

Do not promise to ship In Stock items in a timely fashion when you know that is a lie and your warehouse in disarray and not functioning properly! PISSED OF TGW CUSTOMER.


Similar issues. Said that paypal ran my card and it was declined.

Found out later, no, was never charged thru paypal.

Also, half the items ordered and LISTED as in stock were NOT IN STOCK. Emailing customer service is a JOKE.


I'm shopping elsewhere. I appreciate your trying to fix the situation, but it's too little too late.

Thanks for trying, Corey. TGW would be lucky to find more employees like you.



We have phone records for all incoming and outgoing calls and that it would be most beneficial to us to have the phone number that you called in from in order to immediately address any break down in our Customer Service follow up. We consider following up to full resolution a 100% priority and will be adamant to coach and develop any communication breakdowns.

That said without having your order information we are unable to give accurate feedback to you regarding the why’s behind the situation or come to a common ground for resolution. I can confidently assure you that we did not intentionally sell out of the club prior to shipping yours to you.

We can attempt to work with the vendor for expedited arrangements and as I stated we promise to do what ever we can. Please contact me directly at your earliest convenience


I've attempted to talk to a supervisor on two occasions, but they never accepted or returned my calls. How do you plan on rectifying this issue when the only club i want is backordered until August?



My name is Corey and I’m a supervisor at I want you to know that it would be my pleasure to help you with this situation.

Whatever it takes I am here to make things right even though they appear to have gone wrong. I do need some information in order to track this issue down. If you would, please contact me directly at 316-858-0494 or toll free at 888-838-5551 ex. 619.

If you would prefer to email you can reach me directly at Again, my sole purpose and responsibility here is to make this situation right for you.

I don’t just want to fix the problem. I’m out to turn you into a RAVING FAN of our organization, TGW.COM!


Ahhh. So how would that be "bait and switch"?

Bait and switch would imply they sold you a different club than the one advertised. You are asserting they didn't sell you any golf clubs because they didn't attempt to run your credit card.


I believe they didn't run the credit card because they didn't have the item in the first place. Why run a credit card if you can't follow through with the 2nd day shipping as promised?

Keep in mind, I did speak with sales reps who claimed they still had the item.

They told me I could get a similar club from them, but not the one the advertised as in stock. Hmmmmm...


why would they not "try" to run a credit card to sell you golf clubs?

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