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I ordered a hitting net from TGW to practice in my garage during the winter months. When the product arrived it was from the same manufacturer but OBVIOUSLY a different item - the construction looked substantially cheaper than the photo provided.

Upon setting up the net it looked like a piece of junk but I tested it anyway. The VERY FIRST ball that hit the target punched a hole right through it!! Three shots (with my 9 iron for Pete's sake) into using it I had one round hole and one tear in the TARGET. Out of curiosity I hit one driver into the net and one Entire corner of the target broke free and ended up halfway on the floor.

I had now owned the net less than 24 hours, hit 3 shots and it was literally falling apart. Assuming that I would be taken care of by TGW (oops) I called the customer service line and was told that since it had been used (4 times) I could not return it (mind you, I have only had it for 24 hours!!). Instead I would need to send it back to the manufacturer to be covered by THEIR warranty which covers flaws only - in other words my BEST case scenario will be to get a replacement (for 4 more shots I guess).

HERE IS THE BEST PART: When I mentioned to the customer service rep that the item I received did not match the item shown on the web page she didn't even pause - there was absolutely no concern or surprise. DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY - you will regret it.

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My name is Brian Burleson and I would be happy to get this issue resolved. I work for TGW.com and would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a call.

My direct number is (888) 838-5551 ext. 663. I apologize we did not get your item returned when you first called. I will need your order number or your name in order to get this handled.

If you would rather handle this via email, my main address is bburleson@tgw.com.

I do look forward to hearing from you and getting you the right net. Have a wonderful day.

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